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Pulau Pura


Our Fishing Spot


Currently our boat is operating at Alor - East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

Alor is located at the Eastern part of East Nusa Tenggara, next to the border of Timor Leste and Flores district of Indonesia.

Consists of mountainous islands on the Lesser Sunda volcano ring makes Alor has a stunning beautiful scenery. And most of all, these volcanos creates extreme drop offs and pinnacles on the sea bed makes it ideal for home of big pelagics.

Fishing season at Alor is almost the entire year except for end of December till end of February or during Monsoon period, the advantages of the spot is it's located between islands and nearby the shore, therefore the boat position is always protected from the choppy sea surface. Even in the peak period of the East Muson season in July and August where other part of Indonesia have really bad weather, we still can go out.




How To Get There

Sunrise at Pulau Kambing


Alor can be reached from Jakarta or Surabaya via Kupang by plane, below is the following flight route:

Transnusa Kupang - Alor is daily with different time in some days in a week, so planning the departure date is important to get the connecting flight with Sriwijaya Air SJ245 from Jakarta/Surabaya as well as the returning back home, otherwise passenger will have to stay overnight at Kupang to catch the next day flight.

Another choice is via Denpasar - Bali using Garuda Indonesia GA438 (www.garuda-indonesia.com)

Schedules as follows:.

  • Denpasar - Kupang ETD 11:00 - ETA 12:15
  • Kupang - Denpasar ETD 13:00 - ETA 14:45





alor map     alor route

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