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To many in the Indonesian angling fraternity, Taka Adventure was the natural result of Captain Wiwied’s few decades of passion and talent for offshore game fishing.

Before technology could help in the hunt, the captain had spent days scrutinizing printed seacharts, homing-in on gamefish hideouts.

Today, Taka Adventure uses modern technology to successfully seek out these finned trophies. Also, the well-trained crew’s experienced seamanship ensures the vessel is managed and maneuvered to optimize any forms of angling - especially the popular jigging and popping techniques (contributed by each crew member’s own passion for these two techniques). 

The crew is honest, attentive and hardworking, thus allowing anglers to only have to worry about how to land those trophy catches that Taka Adventure’s customers often get to encounter.




Things are simple at Taka Adventure.

There are only two targets which we strive to achieve:


all in one picture.

Our crew love to witness record-size fishes being landed, so be assured that we will go all-out to hook you up with the drag-busters.

We are also naturally sociable and hospitable, thus we are sure you will not only enjoy the moments onboard when you are hooked up with big fishes.

However, we also love the ocean and try to do our part in conservation by advocating Catch-&-Release.




As the title of this website suggests, we are renowned for our track records of BIG Dogtooth Tunas (Gymnosarda Unicolor) landed.

The largest landed thus far is 180cm, but we believe this record will be destroyed very soon, as we get even better at targeting these fishes. The record of “total weight of all dogtooth tuna caught” stands at about 2tonnes, over a 4-days trip – even this, we believe might be crushed soon.

Will you be the one who will help to rewrite these records??

We are also familiar with targeting Giant Travelly (Caranx Ignobilis), using the popping technique.

Other popular game species which we are experienced in targeting include Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Ruby Snapper, Amberjack/Almaco Jack, Bluefin Travelly, Oilfish, Giant groupers etc.



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